Although Oscar has just arrived in Japan, he studied Japanese for two years in his own country, so he has some confidence in speaking. One day he went to a part-time job at a company where his friend Mr. Mishima worked. When he finished the job he was asked to do, he decided to go home ahead of time. Since he had heard that sayoonara is not usually used a farewell at the workplace, he said loudly, “osakini okaerishimasu“, however, the other people who heard this had to keep from laughing.

Of course, there are humble expressions such as oukagai suru and ookuri suru, but there is no such expression as okaeri shimasu. In this kind of situation, it is more appropriate to say “osakini shitsureishimasu“, which implies, “I am sorry to go home ahead of you when you are still working.” When you say this, the listener will respond “otsukaresamadeshita“. But if you really don’t know what to say, it is perfectly all right to say “sayoonara“.

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