Private Japanese Lessons Hong Kong

Japanese Tutor Chihiro


Native Japanese Teacher CHIHIRO
Japanese Teaching Experience 1 year
Native Language Japanese
Language Ability Fluent English, Advanced French, Basic Cantonese
Born IWATE – Japan
Teaching Area Central, Wanchai, Causeway Bay, TST, Mongkok, Hung Hom etc

Japanese Courses Provided by Chihiro

  • Beginner Japanese Course
  • Elementary Japanese Course
  • Listening Japanese Course
  • Job Interview Japanese Course
  • Oral Speaking Japanese Course
  • Business Japanese Course
  • Japan Culture Course
  • Japanese Course for Travel

Private Japanese Lessons and Personalized Programs

Hello everyone. My name is CHIHIRO from Hong Kong Japanese Tutor. After 3 years of working for a major international oil company and software company in Tokyo, I moved to Hong Kong in 2016. I have loved to study foreign languages since I was a child. My major is French and I’m a Bachelor of Foreign Studies. I have successfully passed Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test and have taught Japanese for a year in France.

It’s possible to teach various Japanese not only business conversation or grammar for examination, but also the Japanese such as honorific respect language, youth words in drama and Japanese manga etc… This is a private lesson, not a school class, so I promise to create a comfortable atmosphere that you can ask anything you want, like a friend. Let’s master Japanese as soon as possible together!

Japanese Teaching Qualifications and Experience

I have successfully passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test and the experience of teaching Japanese for a year in France.

Japanese Teaching Approach


I’ll customize the curriculum according to the student’s goals. Japanese has a big difference depending on the sex, age, and the situation. I will teach you the best Japanese for you.

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