kekkoo desu

Kate has been taking Japanese flower arrangement lessons since she came to Japan. Today she asked her teacher to comment on her work. Her teacher said, “It is very well done. kekkoo desuº yo.”

Later, at tea time, when the teacher asked another student, “Mrs. Suzuki, how about another cup of tea?” Mrs. Suzuki ssaid, “Moo kekkoo desu¹. It was delicious.”

After the lesson was over, the teacher said, “We are done for today. Okaeri ni natte kekkoo desu².”

When Kate was putting on her shoes on at the front door, a salesman came and persistently tried to sell something to the teacher. The teacher refused and said in a very strong tone, “kekkoo desu³!” Kate found out that kekko desu is an expression having various meanings depending on the situation, as it may be used to praise, to allow, or to refuse.

kekkoo desu º: Fine Job

kekkoo desu ¹: I am fine ( I don’t want anymore)

kekkoo desu ²: It is OK for you to go home.

kekkoo desu ³: No, thank you!

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