The Japanese treat the companies as their family?

The Japanese working people spare no pains for their company. They work with the idea that such an attitude benefits themselves and that through policies of the japanee company it also benefits the nation as a whole. The Japanese company, for its part, places extreme importance on maintaining a sense of family among all the staffs, and this sense is nurtured through such social activities as company trip and sports events.It might be more appropriate to refer to this type of company managements as an extension of the traditional Japanese apprentice system.


When the married Japanese Male staff was requested to work abroad by the Japanese company, this staff will take all the family members to abroad. Then the Japanese company pay all the education allowence for the kids of the staff, the house allowence, travelling allowence even the medical allowence for the whole family members. This might be the reason of the Japanese treat their company as their family for return.

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