Japanese Language (onegaishimasu)

Onegaishimasu is an expression that will prove to be very useful to anyone spending time in Japan. For example, when you get into a taxi, if you say “Akihabara (destination), onegaishimasu,” the taxi will take you to Akihabara. Then when you bring a package to the post office, if you say “onegaishimasu” the package will be delivered to the designated address. You can take your laundry to the cleaners and leave it to be cleaned by saying “onegaishimasu“. When you point out to a store clerk an item you want to buy, or bring it to the register, if you say “(kore) onegaishimasu“, you will be understood even if you don’t know the object’s name in Japanese or the expression kore o kudasai.

While making a phone call, a friend of mine named Allan once made the mistake of asking for a person by the name of Sakuragi by saying, “Sakuragi-san o kudasai” instead of saying “Sakuraga-san o onegaishimasu”. This isn’t really such as terrible mistake, but it does sound a little odd.

Anyway, onegaishimasu is an expression that will be just as useful to you as sumimasen.