Japanese Language (Omachidoosama) and (Omatase shimashita)

Jeff was five minutes late for his appointment with his professor, so as soon as he saw the professor’s face, he said, “Omachidoosama“.

This caused the professor to recall the time when, coming into the classroom late, another student named Carl said, “Omatase shimashita“. Omachidoosama is used when someone has been waiting for you in order to do something. For instance, a mother may say to a child who has been waiting for her to get ready to go out. “Omachidoosama, I am ready, let’s go.” As in this example, omachidoosama is used when speaking to a person who is lower in rank or position, or who is younger. It is also used by a person who delivers something like food, in which case omachidoosama is similar in meaning to hai, doozo (here you are).

On the other hand, omatase shimashita is said to show your appreciation to someone when you have returned after having asked then to wait for you.

Both Jeff and Carl should have said, “Osokunatte, mooshiwakearimasen” to apologize for being late.

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