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Hello! My name is SAKIKO. I am a native Japanese tutor. I was born in Osaka, and then moved to Shizuoka and Tokyo. And now, I’m living Hong Kong for several months.


Nice to meet you everyone! My name is Honda, Japanese language tutor. I like to know foreign cultures and lives. I just came to Hong Kong recently, but I really like Hong Kong’s life.


Hello! I am MITSUKO of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” My hometown is Tokyo. I have lived in Hong Kong for 28 years. I work for Japanese companies and have more than 25 years of practical experience,


Hi eveyone My name is Tomomi. I am a native Japanese teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I’ve been lived in Hong Kong for 2 years,I’m so glad to see you who are interested in learning Japanese.


Nice to meet you, My name is Sakaguchi. I am a native Japanese Part Time teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I came to Hong Kong in June 2015.I had been worked in Japanese company for 15 years.


Hi, my name is Irene. I am from Japan and a teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I have taught Japanese language at the public high school for 2 years in the United States and taught English for 3 years.


Hello everyone, My name is Natsume, I am a Part Time Japanese tutor of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I was Born in Canton and grown up in Japan, so I can use Cantonese, Mandarin , Japanese to teach.


Hi everyone. My name is Masae. I am a native Senior Japanese teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I’ve been lived in Hong Kong since 1997. I’m teaching at school in Hong Kong.


After graduate universty, joint to TORAY Industry Inc. Worked there 38years. Worked mainly oversea and marketing division. During 38years,1962~64 and 1972~80 worked in Hong Kong twice.


Hi, I’m Junko. I’m native Japanese who has taught Japanese since 2009 in Hong Kong. My teaching style is totally tailor made that adjusts to the requirement of each student.


Hello, everyone! I am TAEKO from Hong Kong Japanese Tutor. Nice to meet you here. I have been teaching Japanese for 3 years. I am very glad to teach foreigners Japanese and Japanese Culture.


Hello everyone. My name is Kuniko, a native Part-time Japanese tutor of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. After passing Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test, I have an experience as a Japanese language teacher for about one year.


Hello, my name is Yoshi and I am a native Japanese tutor of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. Although teaching Japanese has never been my main line of business, I have always enjoyed teaching Japanese to my friends and students


Hi, everyone! I am Nana, a part-time Japanese tutor of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. Although I am still a university student, I always teach Japanese and share Japanese culture to those who are interested in my country.


Hello everyone, I am Azusa, Hong Kong Japanese Tutor. I have experience teaching Japanese language at overseas branch of Japanese companies, language schools and to foreign students in Japanese elementary schools.


Hi everyone! My name is Mariko and I recently joined the team of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutors”. Before I relocated to Hong Kong a few months ago, I studied and lived in the UK for about 9 years.


My name is Chihiro from Hong Kong Japanese tutor. After 3 years of working for a major international oil company and software company in Tokyo, I moved to Hong Kong in 2016.

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