Common Mistakes in Japanese

Tenki ga samui? Is it correct?

Japanese Words such as samui, suzushii, and tsumetai describe air temperature. You may sometimes hear someone say, tenki ga samui, tenki ga suzushii, or tenki ga tsumetai to describe the weather, however, these expressions are actually incorrect. Tenki refers to the weather being sunny, rainy or cloudy, which is expressed in terms of good or bad (ii or warui) we say, tenki ga ii, or tenki ga warui. On the other hand, when speaking about specific conditions such as the air temperature, sentences like “Kyoo wa samui desu ne” “Nankyoku wa ichinenjyuu samui” “Suzushikute kinochi ga ii” and “Kaze ga tsumetai” are possible”.

Japanese how to say weather

Japanese how to say bad weather

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