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We are native Japanese tutors living in Hong Kong, we would like to share Japan Culture and write blogs about Japanese Language with all the foreigners. We are sure you must be a BIG FAN of Japan, we will keep updates the website, and provide more interesting posts about Japan Culture and Japanese Language. If you are starting to learn Hiragana and Katakana, don’t forget to check out our Audio Sound Free Japanese Lesson.

Private Customised Japanese Lessons

Private Customised Japanese Lessons are all taught by our Native Japanese Instructors. We are trying our best to provide the personalized Japanese Courses for the students and company Japanese staff training at an affordable rate in Hong Kong.

Unlike the normal Japanese Schools, we provide one-on-one personalized Japanese lessons with Native Japanese teachers, we help you to be able to speak Daily conversation Japanese as soon as possible.
We share Japanese Cultural which you can not learn from the textbook.Check out our Japanese Culture Page,and the slightly difference between two similar words.
We hold certificate of teaching Japanese for foreigners and have rich teaching experience of helping the foreign students to prepare JLPT Test, including NEW JLPT Test.
We help you with your Japanese homework, including characters writings and grammar explanation,you will see your improvement within a short time.

Japanese Translation and Interpretation Services

Our Japanese Tutors are bilingual and trilingual in Chinese and English, we provide English to Japanese and Chinese to Japanese Translation Service at a reasonable price for Hong Kong start up companies. Such as Restaurant Menu, Software Instructions, Games, Agreements, Tourism, Advertisements, Medical contents and etc. Please Email us for the quote.

Japanese Tutors Background

  • Native Japanese with decent Tokyo accent
  • With Certificate of teaching Japanese
  • Rich experience and passion of Teaching Japanese Experience for Non-Japanese Students
  • Japanese tradition and culture as well as Japanese Language bloggers
  • Free Online Japanese Learning Resources

    • Online Chart of the Hiragana and Katakana with Audio Sound
    • Online Japanese Verb Form with Audio Sound
    • Free Japanese Online Quizzes
    • Your Japanese Learning Technical Support
    • Native Japanese Tutors Detailed Profile Check
    • Japanese Tutors Questions and Answers Section
    • Japan Culture Sharing by Native Japanese Tutors
    • More Features Coming Soon
    We are waiting for your feedback, please feel free to email us if you would like to have any support!

    Japanese Courses and Lessons

    • Presentation, Practice, Performance. Our Japanese Courses and Lessons will provide you with “live” japanese lessons so that you can use Japanese language naturally. In the Japan street, at Japanese restaurants or in business meetings with your Japanese clients, you’ll realise that all what you have learned with us will enable you to speak Japanese language fluently.
    • According to your goals, budget and schedule, Our Japanese Courses and Lessons will offer you an optimised and customised programme. From 2-year old toddlers to adults, we will propose delete you a variety of services based on your needs!
    • Free Online learning materials are created by our professional Native Japanese Insturcotors. With those learning tools, we will provide Japanese Courses and Lessons that are related to various kinds of daily and japanese business situations.

    Native Japanese Tutors and Tuition Payment System

    Tuition Payment System
    We will collect one package 10 private Japanese lessons, which is 15 hours tuition fee in advance via PayPal, please check individual native Japanese Tutor’s detailed profile, then email us with your preferred tutors, your private Japanese lesson time, location and what language you would like to be taught by our tutors, we will confirm and email back with the tutors availabilities and tuition fee.
    Senior Native Japanese Tutors
    Native Japanese Tutors
    Part Time Native Japanese Tutors

    Hong Kong Native Japanese Tutors Helping Your Japanese Learning More Effectively

    AYAHong Kong Japanese Tutor
    Hello,everyone! My name is Aya. I am a native Japanese teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. It is my passion for teaching Japanese and sharing the culture that has brought me here. During my college years in the United States, I worked as a language tutor helping other students with their Japanese as well as Mandarin Chinese. I have continued to teach Japanese privately and also at several language centers since I moved to Hong Kong 3 years ago.

    I would be more than happy to walk you through the fundamentals of the language as well as the uniqueness of the culture regardless of your level. Check Details

    皆さん、こんにちは。私は”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のあやと申します。幼少期を上海で過ごし、修士号取得のため香港に来るまで、アメリカに住んでおりました。日本語は大学の頃から教えており、今は教師の仕事を掛け持ちしています。海外生活で得た知識や経験を生かし、皆さんの日本語学習が有意義なものになるよう努めたいと思います。


    YUNI <strong>NOT AVAILABLE</strong>
    YUNI NOT AVAILABLEHong Kong Part Time Japanese Tutor
    Hello, I’m yuni, I am a native Japanese tutor of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I was teaching Japanese to my friend when lived in Japan, and my mother also is a Japanese language teacher, that’s why I’m here. For what are you studying Japanese? Maybe for work, to talk to friends, to enjoy your hobby. I can help you learning Japanese for your main purpose. That’s the advantage of the private lessons.

    You have many chances to see Japanese words in Hong Kong, like at restaurants, shops, but maybe not so many chances to speak Japanese.Let’s have daily and useful conversations and enjoy your “Japanese language life”. Check Details

    こんにちは!”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のユニと申します。香港へ来てまだ日が浅いですが、日本にいた時から友人に日本語を教えていたこともあり、今回皆さんに日本語をお教えする機会を得て嬉しく思います。学校や独学で勉強してきた方、初めて日本語を勉強する方、それぞれだと思いますが、私と一緒に会話で日本語を学びませんか?日常会話、使えるフレーズなどを通して耳から覚え、native のように話せるようになったら嬉しいですよね。皆さんの目的に合わせて、楽しく学べるようにしたいと思います。お会いできるのを楽しみにしています。
    KONHong Kong Senior Japanese Tutor
    Hi. Everyone. Nice to meet you. My name is KON. I am a native Japanese teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I have lived in Hong Kong about 7 years. I like to communicate with people. I have some certificates of Japanese education. I passed exam for Japanese teacher. My teaching experience is over 8 years. I graduated from school for Japanese teachers.

    I used to work at Japanese school in Hong Kong.(teaching in class , teaching at student’s office etc) I have experience teaching to many students from various countries.

    There are lot of ways for learning Japanese. Let me know your interest and request first. Let’s find your way for learning together. I am looking forward seeing you soon. Check Details

    みなさん、はじめまして。”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のコンと申します。香港に7年住んでいます。人と交流することが好きです。日本語教育に関する証明書をいくつか持っています。日本語教育能力試験に合格しました。教授経験は8年です。



    IRENEHong Kong Part Time Japanese Tutor
    Hi, my name is Irene. I am from Japan and a teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I have taught Japanese language at the public high
    school for 2 years in the United States and taught English for 3 years in Japan. Now I am teaching as a tutor in HK. I studied Mass Communication, Education, and the elementary level of Christianity in US.

    I understand learning is sometimes difficult to continue, but it is a precious investment for your life. Language conveys direct feelings. People can share their lives and happiness through languages. Let’s learn Japanese with me and have lots of fun! I can arrange lessons depending on your requests. I can teach Japanese by books and handouts, but I also can teach Japanese through cooking Japanese foods and singing Japanese songs, too. I look forward to seeing you! Check Details

    みなさん、こんにちは。”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のIreneと申します。よろしくお願いします。日本語を教えた経験は、アメリカの公立高校で2年間です。日本では、英語を3年間教えていました。今は香港でTutorとして教えています。アメリカでは、マスコミ、教育、キリスト教(少し)を勉強しました。「学び続ける」ということは、時に大変です。でも、「学ぶ」ことは、人生への投資です。言語は直接的に感情を伝え、言語を通して、人生や喜びを分かち合うことが出来ます。さあ、一緒に「たのしく」日本語を学びましょう!あなたに合わせたレッスンをしますよ。本やプリントなどで勉強するのもあり。日本の食べ物を作ったり、歌を歌って勉強するのもあり。みなさんと会えるのを楽しみにしています。
    MASAEHong Kong Senior Japanese Tutor
    Hi everyone. My name is Masae. I am a native Senior Japanese teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I’ve been lived in Hong Kong since 1997.
    I’m teaching at school in Hong Kong. And I can use Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and English to teach.

    My major is Accounting and Taxation However, I have some certification of Japanese teacher. Check Details

    はじめまして、私は”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のMASAEと申します。どうぞよろしくお願いします。1997年より、香港に住んでいます。


    NATSUMEHong Kong Part Time Japanese Tutor
    Hello everyone, My name is Natsume, I am a Part Time Japanese tutor of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I was Born in Canton and grown up in Japan, so I can use Cantonese, Mandarin , Japanese to teach. When I was in Japanese college, I also supported New students from overseas to learn Japanese.

    I do like talking with people, I hope I can help you to know more about Japan through improving Japanese skill. Check Details



    YAMAMOTOHong Kong Senior Japanese Tutor
    Hello,everyone! My name is Yamamoto. I am a native Senior Japanese teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I have been lived in Hong Kong for fifteen years. I like tea ceremony and visiting many different cafés. I feel happy to see café culture is becoming more and more popular in Hong Kong. I also like to share Japanese Traditional dressing culture which is Kimono with all Japanese learners.

    I am waiting for helping you improve your Japanese. I would be greatful to your private Japanese teacher. Check Details

    はじめまして、私は”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のYAMAMOTOと申します。どうぞ宜しくお願いします。香港に住み始めて15年経ちます。



    AYAKO <strong>NOT AVAILABLE</strong>
    AYAKO NOT AVAILABLEHong Kong Part Time Japanese Tutor
    Nice to meet you. My name is Ayako. I am a native Part Time Japanese tutor of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I like running and reading a book.
    I think running and learning language are alike. When I started to run, I couldn’t run only for five minites! But I realized it’s important to keep going little by little. Let’s practice every chance we get!

    I have been lived in Hong Kong for one year. I would like to help you learn to speak Japanese with fun! Check Details

    こんにちは。初めまして。”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のAYAKOと申します。香港に来て1年が経ちました。私はランニングと本を読むことが好きです。ランニングと言葉を勉強することは似ていると思います。ランニングをはじめたばかりの時は5分しか走れませんでした。でも、少しずつでも、続けることが大事だということに気が付いたのです。


    TOMOMIHong Kong Part Time Japanese Tutor
    Hi eveyone My name is Tomomi. I am a native Japanese teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I’ve been lived in Hong Kong for 2 years,
    I’m so glad to see you who are interested in learning Japanese. It’s important that you have a emotion associated with learning Japanese. Don’t afraid of mistake.Let’s enjoy to learn Japanese together.

    I’d like to teach Japanese for you to come to like Japan more. Let’s have fun together.Check Details

    はじめまして。私は”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のTOMOMIです。香港に来て2年が経ちました。私は外国の人と触れ合いコミュニケーションをとるのが大好きで、その中で日本に興味をもっている方々に出会えるとすごく嬉しくなります。1番大切なのは、興味をもつことです。日本に興味がある方々にもっともっと日本を好きになってもらえるよう日本語を伝えていきたいと思います。


    AKIHong Kong Part Time Japanese Tutor
    Hello, everyone! My name is Aki. I am a native Part Time Japanese tutor of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. My hobby is cooking and sing a song. I was a babysitter because I like children.

    I would like to have fun learning Japanese together.I look forward to being able to have various talk with a lot of people!Check Details

    みなさん、初めまして!私は”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のあきと申します。趣味は料理を作ることと、カラオケです。子供と接するのが好きで、以前はベビーシッターの仕事をしていました。


    SAKAGUCHIHong Kong Part Time Japanese Tutor
    Nice to meet you, My name is Sakaguchi. I am a native Japanese Part Time teacher of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. I came to Hong Kong in June 2015.

    I had been worked in Japanese company for 15 years before I came to Hong Kong.I would like to teach you real life Japanese language unlike the contents written in the textbook. Lets learn Japanese and talk in Japanese as friends.

    If you would like to learn Japanese for your job, I hope I can help you.
    ※ If you are preparing your future Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, I might not be a right teacher for you. Check Details

    はじめまして。”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のSakaguchiと申します。昨年の6月から香港で暮らしています。


    ※ 資格取得を目指す方は、他の先生をご指名ください。

    NANAHong Kong Part Time Japanese Tutor
    Hi, everyone! I am Nana, a part-time Japanese tutor of “Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”. Although I am still a university student, I always teach Japanese and share Japanese culture to those who are interested in my country. I lived in Shanghai since primary student, and moved to Hong Kong for my university degree, so I can use Japanese, English, Mandarin and Cantonese to teach you.

    I am more than happy to help you to learn fundamentals to “survive” in Japan for travelling; daily conversations to make Japanese friends; and “fashionable” vocabularies to understand Japanese anime and TV series. Let’s see you soon and decide your way of learning together. I’m looking forward to seeing and studying with you.Check Details

    皆さん、こんにちは。”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor” のななと申します。今はまだ大学生ですが、日本語や日本文化に興味があるたくさんの人たちに友達感覚で教えてきました。小学生から上海で過ごし、大学のために香港に来ました。日本への旅行の為、日本人の友達と会話する為、アニメやドラマを観賞する為、皆様の目的に応じて授業ができればと思います。レッスンは日本語、英語、中国語、広東語で行うことができます。お会いできるのを楽しみにしております。


    KOJIHong Kong Part Time Japanese Tutor
    Hi, I am KOJI, native Japanese tutor from Tokyo Japan. I have been living in HONG KONG for 2 years and teaching Japanese to children, and adults. As I have been worked for wide variety of industries, I can strengthen your Business Japanese by the teaching based on my own experience. To study Japanese is sometimes difficult, so I will try to keep your interest to Japan and Japanese so that you can enjoy studying.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you and share Japanese culture thorough the learning. I can teach you by both English and Mandarin.Check Details

    こんにちは、 Hong Kong Japanese TutorのKOJIと申します。香港には2年間住んでいて、大人や子供たちに日本語を教えてきました。今まで様々な業界を経験してきたので、生徒さんのビジネス日本語の強化については経験に基づいて実用的なアドバイスができると思います。日本語を学ぶのは時に難しく感じるかもしれません。



    OGINOHong Kong Senior Japanese Tutor
    After graduate universty, joint to TORAY Industry Inc. Worked there 38years. Worked mainly oversea and marketing division.

    During 38years,1962~64 and 1972~80 worked in Hong Kong twice. I felt familiar with Hong Kong business circumstances, I immigrated to Hong Kong and established and managed the Trading Ltd.

    At odd moments of business teach Japanese language and Cultural at Japanese Schools in Hong Kong. Activity「Japanese Speaking Club」continue at present. Check Details

    こんにちは!”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”のオギノと申します。大学卒業後、東レ(株)に入社。38年間勤務。主に海外・営業部門を担当。



    JUNKO <strong>NOT AVAILABLE</strong>
    JUNKO NOT AVAILABLEHong Kong Senior Japanese Tutor
    Hi, I’m Junko. I’m native Japanese who has taught Japanese since 2009 in Hong Kong. My teaching style is totally tailor made that adjusts to the requirement of each student. I am very curious about many things such as movies, music, books, cooking and many cultural things. I always teach Japanese using some topics that my students are interested in. I believe that this teaching style can motivate students to learn more Japanese. I have taught many nationalities and many people who work in a variety of division like bankers, asset managers, hedge fund people and university student.

    I promise you to make very attractive classes. And I am also very confident to help you prepare JLPT. All students who took JLPT exam passed their grade, N1, N2, N3 and N4. If you focus JLPT preparation, I’ll do my best to help your exam.
    Let’s learn Japanese with me!!!! Check Details

    こんにちは 私は香港で2009年から日本語を教えているJunkoです。私の授業はすべてテーラーメードで、生徒さんのご要望にあわせて授業をすすめています。私は以前からとても好奇心旺盛でいろいろなことに興味を持っています。たとえば映画、音楽、読書、お料理など、特に文化的なものに興味を持っています。ですから、授業の中で、生徒さんの興味のあるものを引用しながら授業を盛り上げていくようにしています。このやり方を通して生徒さんの学習意欲を上げています。今までの経験の中で、多くの外国人も教えましたし、いろいろな業種の生徒さんに日本語を教えてきました。たとえば、銀行員、アセットマネージャー、ヘッジファンドそして多くの学生たちです。


    TAEKO <strong>NOT AVAILABLE</strong>
    TAEKO NOT AVAILABLEHong Kong Japanese Tutor
    Hello, everyone! I am TAEKO from Hong Kong Japanese Tutor. Nice to meet you here. I have been teaching Japanese for 3 years. I am very glad to teach foreigners Japanese and Japanese Culture.

    Let’s communicate in Japanese as friends, I can teach you how to communicate in Japanese when you are traveling in Japan, when you are shopping in Japan, when you watch Japanese drama, etc. I also have rich experiences of teaching young foreign kids from age 3 to age 9. During the lessons with young kids, I teach them Japanese through lots of interesting Japanese traditional playing such as ORIGAMI, Japanese Art, Clay playing etc.

    I have many hobbies, such as ski in winter, Scuba diving in summer, I also like watching movies and watching traditional Japanese opera, which is called KABUKI. Check Details

    みなさん、こんにちは。”Hong Kong Japanese Tutor”の TAEKOと申します。よろしくお願いいたします。




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